Lakewood is a psychological thriller set in Manitoba Canada in a fictional town of the same name. Our story follows the newly married Jack(Charley McDougall) and Emily(Jessica Ann Bonner) who move to Canada to escape the hectic, soul destroying life they live in the UK and seek life closer to nature.


The story challenges and explores the concepts of Paranoia, seclusion, removal of access from the internet and social media and most modern forms of communication from the world. What happens when someone so used to constant connection with the world has that removed?

LAKEWOOD is a story that writer/director Danny Allen has been working on for over 2 years now. For inspiration for the project he locked himself away in the wilds of Canada, without contact with the outside world for a month to try and find out what its like.

The eye of danger and the face of fear are what really pull off a person’s mask, you need to stand up for what you desire, what you want! You must do it now Jack, before it’s too late!


We are very fortunate to be in a position where we already have access to equipment needed to produce this film. We only need to raise £10,000 now to make this film a reality. The money raised will cover:

  • Flights to and from Canada
  • RV hire while in Canada
  • Transport costs
  • Props, wardrobe & art direction
  • Special Effects and Make-up
  • Feeding our cast and crew
  • Set design
  • Visa costs
  • Hard Drives

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