‘Real to Reel’ is a paranormal themed short film about how history always wants to stay in people’s minds. With Hull the cinema history wants to be remembered and it’s doing all it can to keep hold of those few who remember it by collecting them together in a sinister fashion within one of Hull’s forgotten and abandoned cinemas.

‘Real to Reel’ is the first of a series of 17 films that Hull based Rocktopuss Entertainment is producing for the 2017 City of Culture year called “Hull17Shorts” with a strong emphasis on the “Made in Hull” tag line. Films made in Hull, by local people, featuring Hull locations and talent then showcasing them to the nation, and world.

Danny Allen, Director, Co-writer and Producer, has a growing experience within the film industry, best known for working with other horror filmmakers on feature films most recently the crowd funded “Not Quite A Zombie Movie” “Invasion of The Not Quite Dead” with Indywood Films, as well as producing a big budget TV series and his own feature film “Lakewood” set in Canada. For the first time he will now film in his home town of Hull, helping to raise awareness of the vast cinema history that is written in the city’s past. Cinematographer Katherine Sunlay has a background in Television and Documentary and most recently working with theatre and other forms of creative arts creating on stage projections, pre-show trailers and performance films.

We are looking for local talent to join this production and be the on screen talent. We want to help promote the talent in this region and will be holding open auditions to allow anybody who thinks they have what it takes to come along and show us what you can do.

As this film will act as the visual calling card for the series of shorts we are running on a very low budget and cannot provide any payment for being involved, however not only do you get a chance to have a visual representation of your work for a show reel, but you also have national exposure from entering into film festivals. There is also the opportunity for all actors who take part in any of these 17 short films to take part in any other of the productions over the next 2 years which will have higher budgets.

Auditions will be held on the 18th July 12-5pm at:  The 1 Gallery, 2 Humber Quays (ground floor), Wellington Street, HU1 2BN.

Please register your intent to audition HERE

What we are looking for:

The three main characters are school friends who are revisiting their home town after several years away for a reunion and to visit their favourite old locations.

  • Some acting experience preferable
  • Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
  • Skin colour: White
  • Languages spoken: English
  • Accents spoken: UK English

Strong Willed leader/liability

  • RICHARD is the leader of the group. He always has been since the 3 became friends at school. He is the scoundrel and loveable rouge, always has a taste for adventure and danger. Think Simon Pegg’s character in ‘The Worlds End’.
  • In the present day he lives in London and works in finance, he wants to let loose and visit his home town for a reunion with his 2 friends.

Males, playing age 26 to 30 from Hull, United Kingdom

The Sensible friend

  • TOM has been best friends with RICHARD since they were very young. He is almost the voice of reason as well as being RICHARD’S partner in crime. He is very laid back and relaxed about life, nothing much really phases him which is why he gets on well with RICHARD.

Males, playing age 26 to 30 from Hull, United Kingdom

The “younger brother” character

  • SAM is the youngest of the trio, he was in the year below RICHARD and TOM at school but they used to play football together in the local park. He used to work at the cinema when he was a teenager right up till the point he went to university and used to get his friends in cheap. He is the level headed member of the group, always slightly reserved and held back.

Males, playing age 25 to 28 from Hull, United Kingdom

Other Characters:

  • 3 characters we are also looking for 3 actors aged 50 and up to play characters who used to either work within the cinema or visited it and have been drawn back there by, and in a sense been kidnapped by the cinema itself.
  • A taxi driver for the opening sequence who is willing to allow us a brief use of their car and to make an appearance.