New website, same Rocktopuss.

Hello and welcome to the new home of Rocktopuss Entertainment for 2014, a UK based production company working in the world of Film and TV. We just wanted to take a moment to welcome you to our new website, hope you like it.

New Era

There is so much going on at Rocktopuss right now that we decided we needed a new umbrella to stand beneath, we feel that amalgamating all operations together under the new name “Rocktopuss Entertainment” is the way to go. From this moment on Rocktopuss Entertainment will be the parent company of ‘Rocktopuss Films’, ‘Rocktopuss Studios’ and the new sub division ‘Rocktopuss TV’.

Rocktopuss Films:

Business as usual for our film division, currently in pre production on our début feature film ‘LAKEWOOD’ staring Charley McDougall and Jessica Ann Bonner, which is currently crowd-sourcing on Kickstarter, along with preparing the script for the feature length adaptation of our short film OUTSIDERS.

Rocktopuss Studios:

We are now offering graphic animation services to businesses and other film companies. We can provide logo stings, audio react sequences, CGI, title sequences, 3D modelling and other motion graphic work. Our designers are skilled with using Adobe Creative Suite 6 and have experience with Element 3D, Particular and the entire Red Giant plug in suite. We can even provide sound effects for your sequences and logo stings.

Rocktopuss TV:

A brand new division of Rocktopuss, everything is currently being kept under wraps right now but watch this space for more information shortly.

Made in Hull

Hull, UK. A city with a rich history of cinema, including The RANK ORGANISATION, that has been lost over the years.

As the UK’s next city of culture we want to help bring film-making back to this city and once again make it a powerhouse of the British film industry. For that very reason we will be filming the opening sequences of LAKEWOOD in Hull. If that wasn’t enough we are going to be hosting the WORLD PREMIER of LAKEWOOD also in Hull before we take it off around festivals and distribute it world wide.