We are Rocktopuss Entertainment

Impossible is Impossible

  • Pre-Production


  • OUTSIDERS - 2015

    OUTSIDERS - 2015

  • Lakewood - 2015

    Lakewood - 2015

  • Creative


    Every project we develop is original and unique, we don’t like to produce projects that have already been done.

  • Animation Studio

    Animation Studio

    All work is done in house, we have the facilities for graphic animation and CGI sequences.

  • Writing


    We are constantly writing, playing with characters, looking for that new idea, that something different.

  • Formulas


    We love to mix genres, mix settings with juxtaposing story lines to come up with crazy new hybrid concepts…

In Development

  • “Real to Reel”

    In Development, Shorts

    Description ‘Real to Reel’ is a paranormal themed short film about how history always wants to stay in people’s minds....

  • Lakewood (Rocktopuss Films)

    In Development

    Synopsis Lakewood is a psychological thriller set in Manitoba Canada in a fictional town of the same name. Our story...

  • OUTSIDERS (Rocktopuss Films)

    In Development

    Inspired  by Neil Marshall’s “The Descent” and Chris Smith’s ‘Creep’, Rocktopuss Entertainment is once again turning its attention to the subterranean...